Other – the other - the others - another

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Other – the other - the others - another

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Other – the other - the others - another

Làm thế nào để phân biệt other, the other, the others, another và cách dùng của chúng?

1.other :khác

- other làm tính từ

other + danh từ số ít /danh từ số nhiều

- This car park is closed but the other car park is open.

- Some children learn quickly but other children need more time.

- other làm đại từ :

có thể thay danh từ số ít ,hoặc danh từ số nhiều ,xác định dùng “the”

One is a nurse, the other is a worker.

Some of us like singing and dancing, others go in for sports.

2. another: khác

Thường dùng với số ít, nghĩa một cái khác.

- Another làm tính từ :

Another + danh từ số ít (hoặc cấu trú có nghĩa số ít)

Please give me another chance.

I’ll need another three days to finish the work .(three days coi như một chỉnh thể)

- There are 6 people for dinner but there are only 5 plates. We need another plate.

- another làm đại từ (thay danh từ số ít ):

He was a wonderful teacher. Everyone agreed it would be hard to find another like him.

Ví Dụ :

Another, Other & Others

1 - You take the new ones and I'll take the others.

2 - They gazed into each other’s eyes.

3 - I'd like another cup of tea, please.

4 - They love one another- they're such a happy family.

5 – The other people were shocked.

6 - Many other people have said the same.

7 - I've told Pablo, but I haven't told the others yet. I'll tell them when I see them.

8 - I won't let them do that to me another time.

9 - One person's peach is another person's poison.

10 - I saw her the other day.

11 - I took the other book back to the library.

12 - Some other people have taken it.

13 - I go there every other day.
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